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A Dynamic Pakistani Pop Singer Haris Baloch

Haris Aziz Baloch is a young pakistani rising singer born in 14 August 2000 at Quetta Balochistan Pakistan. He pursue his career as a singer from his debut single Janeman in 2016. He is also a songwriter and music composer and has written many lyrics. He predominantly sings in Urdu, Hindi and Punjab. Born in Quetta Balochistan Pakistan.

From childhood age Haris was interested in songs and music, humming songs of different singer and listening to different kinds of musics too.

He is the Pakistani version of Enrique, if you will. Or better yet, a 18 years old Justin Bieber. Haris is the kind of artist that would be hard to categorize in a set genre. He’s a junior rock/pop star and then some. His music is mostly about love and that one elusive (also lucky) girl. The tracks that propelled him to stardom, “Janeman” and “Pyar ki Wafa,” are cult classics, a definite mainstay on ANY desi’s ipod list. His voice throbs and soars over a multi-octave span, hitting highs and lows with heart-tugging perfection. You just have to give him a listen if you haven’t already.

Young achiever probably, destined to be a singer, he was praised for his melodious voice and encouraged to continue singing. Now he is most demanded professional singer in Pakistan. During his course of live shows he has reached Australia, Canada, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, India, UK, Malaysia.

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